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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Cesar Cookie Crunchies

Taste Tested by the Dog has received the first review of the
Cesar Cookie Crunchies dog treats. 

(Please note: I felt that giving only my review of the Cesar Canine Cuisine Cookie Crunchies could be misleading since the last time Cesar sent me samples they included the Softies treats...which I LOVE.  So, to provide an unbiased opinion I sent a sample package to several of our Official Taste Testers.)

Package received!

The following review has been submitted by Ollie and Griff, Official Taste Testers in Ontario, Canada.

Reading Taste Testing Instructions

Packaging Size:  130 pieces per bag - Adequate
Packaging Color:  2 different shades of gray - fine but could use some contrast
Packaging Overall:  Adequate; treat aroma permeates nicely

Treat Size:  Somewhat small but will admit they are meant for small dogs (who supposedly have small appetites)
Treat Shape:  Fun paw design
Treat Aroma:  Smells pawesome (so will forgive size)

It smells delicious
Lick Test:  Passed
Flavor:  Delicous

Oh yeah, that is what I am talking about!

Overall:  Crunchy but not overly hard (just in case you are a dog with no front teeth); ate more than my share

Let go! It's mine!

3 out of 4 Dog Bones

Oz the Terrier


  1. ohhh, I tried these and loved them too! Mom broke them up even smaller, can you imagine? Because I like to eat a LOT! hee hee!
    Your pal,
    Cosmo Havanese

    1. Cosmo, you should tell your Mom that each treat is ONLY 10 calories!! It says so on the back of the package....but who reads that?!? BOL The kind Cesar folks on Twitter reminded us!