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Official Taste Testers

Though this blog is titled Taste Tested by the Dog, we do have open positions for cats.  Currently, cat positions are reserved to the human offerings (recipes) on this blog...but you never know what the future may provide!  If you (dog or cat) would like to become an Official Taste Tester, let me know by Barkmail.  -- Oz

Oz the Terrier
Director & Official Taste Tester, USA
Anipals listen when "the great and powerful Oz"...the Terrier speaks about food and treats (at least, that's what we think!).  Loves food - favorite flavors include bacon, chicken, beef, sausage, cheese and salmon (yes - he knows he is not a cat).


Griff and Ollie
Official Taste Testers, Ontario, Canada
Two Border Terrier brothers living it up in Guelph with, of all things, a vegetarian.  The poor boys are begging for some good food and treats...especially anything that comes in Bacon flavor!

Kelso Terrier
Official Taste Tester, Scotland,UK
A Border Terrier who lives with foodies but claims he is a "finicky" eater.  He provides balance to an otherwise non-fussy bunch of taste testers.

Sprite and Finnegan
Official Taste Testers, USA
Corgis rule in Texas, or so say Sprite and Finny!  They both love food followed by a good, honest nap...and really, who doesn't?!?

Lexie Dogstoyevsky
Official Taste Tester, UK
A pretty-girl Border Terrier, married to Da'Griff, who is top-notch knowledgeable about all things music and prides herself on also knowing great food!

Official Taste Tester, New Zealand
A down-under Spoodle who once plotted to blow up his own refrigerator just to open the door and get to the food.  When it comes to food of all flavors, he means business!


Indy Kitty
Official Taste Tester