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Thank you for visiting Taste Tested by the Dog.

You may be wondering "why is a dog blogging about recipes?" and to that I say:  if you have to ask, then you are not a dog (or even a cat) owner!  Honestly, we anipals love food, especially people food, and thus it seems obvious to me why a dog would want to write about great recipes...because we love to eat! 

Admit it, you love to eat too! Who doesn't?!?  If you think about it, some of the best food isn't even found in restaurants; it's found right in someone's home kitchen.  There is nothing like a recipe that is passed down through the generations to speak to our stomachs as well as our hearts and minds.

Food has a story to tell - a story about who we are, where we come from and where we are going (sometimes "where we are going" is to bed for a nap because we are so stuffed! BOL).  That's why I started this blog - what better way is there to get to know your friends than through food?!?

Here at Taste Tested by the Dog, I will share my family's recipes (my family is Italian, Irish and Colombian - talk about a mutt!) so everyone can try them and see if they are delicious or disaster.  I may even share some friends' recipes...on the 'down-low', of course.

But I am not going to stop there!  If you send me a BarkMail, I will gladly (and shamelessly) share your 'secret' family recipe too.  For more information on sharing a 'secret' family recipe, check out my Share a Family Recipe page.