Have a photo of a Taste Tested by the Dog recipe that you want to share? Submit your photo via BarkMail and I will add it in the recipe's post! The more photos...the better! - Oz

Share a Family Recipe

Are you willing to share a 'secret' family recipe?  If so, we would be so honored to include it on Taste Tested by the Dog!  You can submit your recipe by sending me a BarkMail (or click here).

When submitting a recipe:

1. Don't worry about measurement conversions, that's why I have staff!  *talks aside* "No, Ma...I was not saying that you are 'staff'."  Seriously though, we will provide converted measurements when posting your recipe.

2. Please include your name (first, first & last, codename, spy name, etc) and where you are from (i.e. Texas, USA or Edinburgh, UK, etc).  We want to give you due credit for your recipe!

3. Optional: include some history about your recipe (It was great-grandmother's, made for special holiday or occasion, etc.).  Share whatever you are comfortable with.

4. If you have a photograph that YOU have taken (cannot be copied from another website, blog, etc!) of your completed recipe, please include it in the BarkMail as an attachment.  Sometimes it helps to know what the food will look like when done!

5. Try to include the category(s) of your submitted recipe (i.e. Italian, French, etc. and Entree, Side, Dessert, etc.)

6. Include any other information, photos, recognitions, etc. that you want.  Everyone loves a story or more detailed information.

Thanks for sharing!