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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

What to Do with My Latest Pineapple

My latest pineapple is almost ready for picking!!!  We love growing pineapple even though it takes forever to get fruit.

We usually just slice it up and eat it.

Did you know that you can grow your own pineapple? 
Even if you do not live where it is sunny and warm all year long, you can still plant one in a pot and keep it inside...as long as it gets lots of bright light!  All you have to do is twist the top off of a pineapple, like this...

See how the end is twisted?!?

Then, you just place it on top of the dirt in the pot...making sure it is standing up.  After about a week, it will root itself in the dirt.  Then, you just wait say, 18 months and you will have a ripe pineapple!
So...what would you do with a pineapple?!?
We've heard of Pineapple Upside Down Cake, but we are not big bakers over here. And we once had a Lime Pineapple Jam but we don't know how to make that.
Any ideas?

Oz the Terrier


  1. The dogs at Casa de Kolchak love pineapple chicken dog treats! Just puree chicken and pineapple, then bake on low! YUM!

    1. OMD, Kol...you are a genius!!! Is that recipe on your blog? I will have to sniff it out!!

  2. Hey Oz, Jet here.

    Nice to make your acquaintance.

    What a pawesome pineapple.

    Quick question... we always thought pineapples were no no's for us K9s, can you help us with that?

    1. Hi Jet! Thanks for visiting! I left you a detailed message at your blog!

      It's so nice to meet new friends! Hope to see you soon!

  3. Pineapple can be a nice treat for dogs. We have tried it raw in our kibble and canned pineapple in some doggie cakes. I also love Kol's idea (by the way lovely to meet you)

    urban hounds

    1. Kol always has great cooking recipes! *jealous* If you like it so much you shoudl try and grow one!!!

  4. I luvs pineapple - specially the dried kind! Mebbe mama needs to grow one in my backyard!

    Here's a recipe with pineapple:

    So nice to meet another doggie chef!! We be back!

    1. Do it!!! Try and grow one! It's so easy but painstaking in the wait time. BOL

      Thanks for the burger recipe! We love burgers & we never thought about pineapple with our burger.

      So nice to meet you too!