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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Supper Club Winner Receives Cesar Feast

It's been a long time coming...or a long time going, depending if you were the one receiving the package or mailing it (BOL) but Kelso Terrier finally received his winnings in the mail from the Supper Club Contest.

Let's go to the video!

I hope you enjoy all those great flavors, Kelso and let us know how your Burns Supper party turns out!

1 comment:

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    So, that means CARMEN and FRED are RELLY fucked by all those AK'S?
    But that's just the beginning because the kids are totally take the QUEEN to the cleaners....got to love BIZNISS EMPIRES- NO?
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    And that MESSN there goes CARON- LADD- ONO- BALDWINa STING!
    So , as for the DONSUPPE eith ASOCHER, she's doing the PREURAT right about tnow.
    CESSE is too.