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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The First Supper Club Contest

Recently, I was contacted by a very nice gentleman who asked me if I was willing to try his dog food and then tell you all about it.  I said "Absolutely!" and suddenly this arrived at my door:

"Is that box filled with treats for me?"
When I opened it, I found this huge bag of dog food and treats from Cesar canine cuisine!

"Holy Moly!"
There are two bags of Softies Medley treats and seven different flavors of dog food including Grilled Chicken, Chicken & Liver, Grilled Steak & Eggs, Filet Mignon, Chicken & Veal, Chicken & Cheddar and Beef.  All the flavors say they come "in Meaty Juices".  Wow!  Sounds delicious!

"Oh dog! Look at all that food!"
BOL - they even sent Ma a t-shirt with a silhouette of a Westie on it that says "Go Small or Go Home".

Anyway, I am so excited to start sampling all this Cesar canine cuisine that I am thinking of hosting a Supper Club for some of my very good pals here near home.  This way, I can write about more than my own opinion of the food.  Hmmm, I wonder when Levi and Lennox can come over for supper?  *pulls out calendar* 

But, I am not going to stop there because...the nice gentleman didn't just send ME all of these samples of Cesar canine cuisine.  He sent a whole other box of dog food and treats just like it for one of the followers of my blog!  *zoomies in a circle*  (That guy is totally pawesome!!)
Two boxes, not one! Pawesome!

So, if you want to try the seven flavors of Cesar canine cuisine AND the Softies Medley treats (and your Ma wants a nifty t-shirt) then please enter Oz's Supper Club Contest as follows:
  • Become a Supper Clubber and follow my blog;
  • Leave a comment on this post and tell everyone about:  1)  What kind of Supper Club you would host (i.e. picnic, fancy dining, etc.);   2)  What pals you would invite and   3)  What flavor of Cesar canine cuisine already has you drooling to win!
These would be my answers if I had to enter to win:
1.  I think I will host my Supper Club as a backyard barbecue because, after all, it is summer and I love to be outside!
2.  I am definitely inviting Aunt Linda's boys, Levi and Lennox because we are so good at sharing together!
3.  I am begging to try the Grilled Steak & Eggs first!  It sounds delicious!  I cannot wait much longer!!!!

The winner will be announced on June 30, 2011...so think about your Supper Club Contest answers and leave your comment soon!  Oh!  And be sure to check back here on June 30th to see who has won the contest!  It could be YOU!!!!

Bon Apetit!



  1. Oz, wot a Pawsome gift and how generous to give sum away az a prize, u rock. I wud luv to get my paws on som and u got to be in it to win it az they say so here goes:

    1. I wud host a Burns Supper coz I iz from Scotchland an it iz wot we do best. U can't beat sum haggis and Ceilidh dancing!

    2. I wud invite all my Twitter Fureinds coz dey r all great an the more the merrier when it comes to a Ceilidh. It be a long way to come fur most but I sure my Scottish Friends wot include @no1border @leotheborder @torathespaniel @mrinch @tartanterriers @thetwiglet @floydthelurcher and @thehairyhoacher wud manage the trip :-)

    3. Chicken & Cheddar! Chicken & Cheddar! Chicken & Cheddar! Chicken & Cheddar! Chicken & Cheddar! Chicken & Cheddar! Chicken & Cheddar! Chicken & Cheddar! Drooool!

  2. BOL! BOL! BOL! Kelso...you is one cool dog! I wish Ma & I could come to your Ceilidh! I just know we would love it.

    Chicken & Cheddar? Is that your FINAL answer???? BOL

  3. Hi Oz
    Mum's getting mad she keeps posting stuff on your blog and nothing is saving so she is trying one more time (we are begging her to do so) and then out we go for WALKIES! Levi is already sniffing at the door and is hoping to see his buddies Bubba and Riley.

    Anyway - we really wanted to come over as we were in your hood last Sunday but your Pops was out so we went to see our other buddy Libby instead - she's cute but keeps humping Levi (not fun should be the other way round but Levi is just not into that).

    So let us know when the supper is on - you know Mum loves your Pop's BBQ and Mum's potatoes. Levi is going for the Chicken and Liver. Lenox, because of his regal background (Chinese Emperor's etc) is hitting the Filet Mignon... That's if you haven't already scoffed it down :) Mum said that was rude, so sorry about that Oz. See you soon...Licks and barks... Lenox and Levi

  4. OMD! Levi and Lenox! Woof hoo!

    We must schedule our supper club very soon. Ma says I must "hold off" on scoffing all the food so we can share, though I did get a taste of the Steak & Eggs tonight...I couldn't hold out any longer!

    I wonder what the weekend looks like. You know how the humans are; always up to something. Maybe there could be meat and potatoes for the humans and special food (by Cesar) for us!

    Paws crossed, my pals!

  5. Hi Oz. I want to enter to win free food ob course. I corgi --- i EATS everyfing.

    1) I'd co-host along wif my brofur Sprite an intimate candle light romantical meal for 4 outside by the river. First class all the way and we'd serve Cesar ob course.

    2)See, Sprite and I have loves that live far away so we'd invite (@bvfeyj) Tucker and (@gingersnap666) Gingy it has be be fancy to impress them. Maybe even have violin playing!

    3)For Dinners Me (finn) would have Grilled Chicken, because i'm on DIET so that sounds most health conscious. Tucker would have the Chicken and Livers - silly boy likes Liver. I've never tried it, but I bet he feed me some of his. Sprite would have Chicken Cheddar and Beef. He a piggy yet stays at 20lbs. Hate him. Boys have high metabolisms I guess. Finally, beautiful gingysnap after flying all the way from canadaland would get the Filet Mignon ob course. Nothing but the best for her - Sprite said to add that last bit.

    Thanks for this fun contest, pal! Whomever wins is one (or 2) lucky dog. xoxo


  6. PS. I follow this bloggie I swear I do...i see my lovely mug right up there but it never lets me post so i have to choose anonymous all the time!


  7. Well, Sprite and Finny...your entry is quite superb! And how lovely that you would make it a fancy supper for your 'signifcant others'. BOL! The competition is getting fierce, I tell you!

    Hmmm, I will have to check blog settings re: your ability to post. Silly Oz...

  8. Ooh, what a great contest! I'd LOVE to win that Maggie t-shirt!
    (and I know our doggies would love to try all those yummy treats and dog food varieties too)

    ~ I'd host a beach barbeque here and serve wild pacific salmon for the people and
    a seaside buffet for the doggy guests featuring each flavor of Cesar!

    ~ We'd invite all our blog followers, our friends from training classes and of course you & your Ma too Oz :)

    ~ the flavor that our gang would probably drool over most is Filet Mignon

    PS - we're in BC, Canada (near the border), so could have the prize shipped to a USA address if we were lucky enough to win!

  9. Oh my, a beach barbecue. That sounds wonderful!

    Ma and Daddy-dog would be there for the human portion, for sure...pacific salmon?! Yum! I love salmon too! Do your doggies like salmon, Chris?! Bet they do...it is good and stinky!

    BOL! I love contests! I cannot imagine who will win!

  10. I think we would host a BIG Bash by the lake - lots of food for dogs and humans alike! I like a nice big party so I think we'd invite all the dogs that live at the lake - and any of our out of town friends who wanted to visit too! (We live up in Canada, so we're not entering, but the thought of a doggy BBQ was too cool not to comment!)

  11. Woof! Woof! I was given a Cesar treat by my doggie friend Duke n I LOVE it. If I win ... I just want really the TREATS its soft n tasty. Best flavor too. chicken, steak n salmost. I will host a Golden DELISH FUN TREAT PAWTY. Everyone will have Lots of GOLDEN FUN (you don't need to be a Golden at all ...) Golden Thanks. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  12. hello, hello! we just had a doggie party in our yard (humans were invited, too) and the big hit was the homemade frosty paws, so we would definitely have to host another outdoors party for some frozen fun!

    we would surely invite all of our doggie BFFs, but especially miss jackie the french mastiff, since she is desmond's girlfriend.

    and i just know that desmond is already thinking about the prospect of filet mignon in his food bowl! yum!