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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Doggie Bags - May 24, 2011

I came across this great coupon today, while reading the paper, to get - *licks chops* - two FREE strips of BACON!  Denny's will allow your human to add two strips of bacon to any breakfast meal and hopefully, they will ask for a Doggie Bag to bring those two strips of bacon home to you!  The offer expires on June 6, so click here now to get your coupon and have your human truly "bring home the bacon".

*zoomies in a circle* I was so excited about the possibility of free bacon that I kept searching, and you know what I found?!?  More great deals!

This is a coupon for a FREE slice of cheesecake...with a $30 purchase at The Cheesecake Factory, your human can get a FREE slice of cheesecake (hopefully, they will get a Doggie Bag and share with you) with this coupon through June 28.

Or how about a Barbecue BOGO?!  *drools*  With this coupon, your human can buy one entree at Smokey Bones and get another one FREE any Monday-Thursday before June 2!  Oh, how I'd love to eat some pulled pork!

And this last one is a coupon to get $5 off any purchase of $15 or more at participating TGI Fridays - it expires June 30.  I wonder what would be in that Doggie Bag?!  *dreams of bacon*

Pals, if you want some great Doggie Bags, then print these coupons ASAP!



  1. OH!!! You are just tormenting me now!! Bacon and cheese.........

  2. BOL! Both would make for great "take-home-to-the-dog" though!

  3. Oh, Smokey bones doggy bag really does it for me! And the bacon ain't bad either.

    Thanks for the info Oz


  4. Love Smokey Bones! That would be a great doggie bag!!